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Our September 2023 show will feature artwork from Robin Sorquist and Stefanie Moran, along with works from the EUP Plein Air group

Robin Sorquist and Stefanie Moran are two local artists who pull inspiration from nature. Their curiosity about the world around them influences their drive to experiment with various art materials and subject matter. They are eager to find creative ways to interpret and translate what they see and experience in their environment. In preparation for their upcoming show in September, Robin and Stefanie are exploring Michigan and traveling to Colorado to enhance their artistic skills and satisfy their curiosities.  You can find more information about these two artists at and

Exhibit runs from August 30-September 29

Reception: Friday, September 8 from 6:00-8:00 pm

EUP Plein Air:  EUPPA is a group of passionate artists who gather during the warmer months and paint outdoors.  They travel to different locations throughout the EUP capturing the moments and feeling of the day.  This group would love for you to join them painting, and at this show as they celebrate what they have achieved this summer.

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