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Our October 2023 show will feature works from Bonifas award winners Ted Brainard, Joan Miron, and Dave Berg

Exhibit runs from October 1-October 28

Reception:  Sunday, October 1 from 1:00-3:00 pm

The work of three award winners of the Bonifas Art Center competition will be displayed at Alberta House in October. Dave Berg documents his love for natural history in his exquisite linocuts using a process of carving, inking, and pressing until the image is complete. Joan Miron uses mixed media to explore color, light, texture, and the spirituality of nature. Her work is reminiscent of stained glass and mosaicism. Ted Brainard, also deeply influenced by the nature and beauty around him, masterfully builds furniture in the Shaker tradition of form following function, and seeks to expose the natural color, figure and unending movement of the wood grain.

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