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Our October 2022 show featured paintings of two prize winning Marquette based artists, John Hubbard and Diana Magnusen.  Both artists are deeply influenced by the natural beauty of the Central Upper Peninsula, but their art is quite different. 

John likes exploring Ravens and Crows because of their intelligence, their behaviors and their wide range of vocalizations.  He also has a favorite theme of winter landscapes. He likes the brightness contrasts of the dark trees against the snow and the shadows that display exciting hues of greens and blues.The directional change of the trees with the diagonal shadows offer a complex arrangement of structural patterns.
He says that as a visual artists he never stops looking for things that could be developed as painting. It becomes away of life for him and makes the world an exciting place to explore.

Since 1995, Diana Magnusen has created nature/climate art, portraits and Illustration art through her company Dancing Stone Productions in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
"100 books illustrated and exhibiting in galleries again. My children's work is whimsical. The young adult and gallery work is allegorical, sometimes surreal and/or magical realism. I draw nature in those forms or very realistic. The gallery work speaks to climate change and nature.
We live in a beautiful area of the country that is also reflecting man's influence on our habitat.
Drawing brings me peace and expression. The kids' art brings joy."

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