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Our June show featured works from Jarrod Vandenberg and Tina Fuller, demonstrating the similarities and differences between traditional watercolor painting and digital painting in a side by side exhibition.

Artist Statement: 

Color and my love of it has always driven my appreciation and fascination with art. Digital artwork is my first love, but beginning with traditional mediums, this show is digging deep in my roots.

Never one to rest and always learning, I proudly never stick to one style over another. Always having a love for Japanese Manga and Anime, it shines through in my style as a predominant influence. Astounded as a child by the movie “Ninja Scroll” and Toonami on Cartoon Network, it became a staple in my life and artwork.

This show was a labor of love; Each piece is not only hand-painted, but the actual watercolor used is handmade as well. Each handmade paint taking hours to create and weeks to cure, each step in the process being something I wanted a hand in;
It means the world for people to see them.


- Jarrod Vandenberg

Artist Statement:

The subject matter of my work may vary, color remains its constant theme.  I prize color for its powerful symbolism and employ it to communicate emotion and mood.


I may being a painting with an idea of the direction I want it to take but I have found that painting is more of a dialogue between the artist and the work.  It is best to listen to what a painting has to say rather than force upon it my preconceived notions of what it should look like.


I am a self-taught artist with a life-long interest in art.  I began working with colored pencil and water soluble oil paints and more recently began working with acrylics.  My work has been exhibited in local shows and galleries.  My art can be uniquely realistic, using bright colors to catch the viewer’s eye, from vivid foliage and floral, to architecture and animals.


Above all, with whatever I create, I seek to impart a sense of vitality and joy, a celebration of life well lived.


- Tina Fuller

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